ca. 22 minutes

Five at Play

Rapids Winds, Flowing Waters

Hop, Skip, Jump

Twilight Mists

Catch Me If You Can

Trained as a string player, I found writing chamber music for winds a challenge to the imagination. But rather than focusing on their limitations with respect to strings, I chose to focus on their special possibilities—especially kaleidoscopic color. Each of the movements explores this: through various combinations of the instruments, from pairings and trios to the full orchestration of all five; shifting melodic-accompaniment materials from one instrument to another, to create an undulating background; and to the use of special techniques and the inherent qualities of each instrument, such as flutter-tongue and extreme ranges. Three titles of the movements evoke childhood (Five at Play; Hop, Skip, Jump; and Catch Me If You Can) and surround the two that evoke the natural world (Rapid Winds, Flowing Waters and Twilight Mists). I often take my inspiration from the unbridled imagination of childhood, a world in which the real and the unreal have indistinct boundaries, and from the quiet noisiness of nature, an interesting paradox when compared to our modern society’s loud noisiness. The Borealis Wind Quintet commissioned the piece.